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A social community for people who love travel adventures.

What is the BetterAdventures.Club?

BetterAdventures.Club is a community of people who love travel adventures. It serves as the social hub for three different travel-related groups:

One Photo Club

#GoQuesting Community

Better Adventures Club

One Photo Club

At its heart, One Photo Club is a simple sharing site for travel photos. As the name implies, you post one photo at a time of your travel adventures. You can join any of the various subgroups, which feature different themes or prompts.

The underlying idea here is two-fold:

  • Developing a regular practice of re-living our trip memories. Every time you reflect on your trip experiences, you get a little bit of "new" enjoyment from those memories. It's like a little memory dividend you can keep accumulating, further adding to your original enjoyment. And besides, the whole point of taking those trip photos was to look back at them, right?
  • Building a better social community of travel enthusiasts that's more personal, authentic, and supportive. Here, it's a constant stream of interesting travel photos—without all the ads, trolls, and toxicity you find elsewhere. Just a community of good vibes.

→ Scroll down to read much more about One Photo Club ←

Go Questing Community

This community helps people with travel quests inspire, support, and connect with each other. A quest is a travel goal of visiting a particular set of places, usually one that involves "visiting all the ____________" (states, national parks, ballparks, etc).

Quests are a great way to inspire more travel and adventure in your life. They inspire you to venture to places you wouldn't have otherwise experienced, and they help structure and focus your trip planning, too.

Better Adventures Club

The site's namesake will launch later in 2023. As you'd expect, the Better Adventures Club is about getting the most out of our travels.

Through a unique mix of monthly themes, regular prompts, and authentic conversations, together we'll explore how we can make our travel adventures more personally meaningful and rewarding. There's no one right way to travel, so this is a collaborative effort at sharing our insights, perspectives, and strategies. We'll tackle topics around:

  • How to plan better trips
  • How to make space for more travel in your life
  • How to better immerse yourself in the experience
  • Reflection and remembering techniques

How to join

Membership is currently by invitation of any current member. 

We're not trying to be exclusive, we're simply trying to avoid spam, bots, and trolls—and perhaps choose a more natural and sustainable rate of growth.

A small number of slots are made available for requests. If you don't know someone already in the club and are very interested in joining, please request access and complete the submission form. Please note that we only review these periodically.

More about One Photo Club

What exactly is the One Photo Club?

The One Photo Club is a collection of photo feeds where participants post one photo from their travels at a time.

The two main goals we're after:

  • Developing a regular practice of re-living our trip memories. Every time you reflect on your trip experiences, you get a little bit of "new" enjoyment from those memories. It's like a little memory dividend you can keep accumulating, further adding to your original enjoyment. And besides, the whole point of taking those trip photos was to look back at them, right?
  • Building a better social community of travel enthusiasts that's more personal, authentic, and supportive. Here, it's a constant stream of interesting travel photos—without all the ads, trolls, and toxicity you find elsewhere. Just a community of good vibes.

How do I participate?

Participating in the One Photo Club is easy—simply post one photo in each One Photo feed you're a member of. You can add a short or detailed caption, tell a story about the place, or just let the photo stand by itself...it's up to you. Add a city, state, and/or country hashtag if you'd like. But yes, it has to be a photo from your travels.

Why do you only allow travel-related photos?

Because that's the main point of the club! There are already plenty of places for you to post whatever you'd like, but this is one of the very few with a thematic constraint. That limitation is part of the promise the site makes when you sign up, so it's something I want to maintain.

That said, you can post off-topic things in the Conversations space (just be respectful).

Can I post video instead?

Nope. This is a photo-only community, at least for now. Part of the reason is to keep storage costs low. I'm self-funding this whole thing, after all.

What if I'm not traveling right now?

Bummer, we love when our friends get to travel!

But current or even recent travel isn't necessary for posting here. In fact, we're more about posting photos from older trips than the place you just returned from. We're all excited about sharing pics from our latest trip, and we're usually looking forward to our next trip, too. So One Photo is designed to help you look back about those older trips, the ones you haven't thought about recently. It's all about reliving those travel memories that aren't top-of-mind.

What counts as "travel?"

We generally leave that up to you to decide. If it's in your local area, it's not travel. For instance, a hike in your regional preserve probably doesn't count. Beyond that, though, if it felt like a "trip" to you, then it probably qualifies for our purposes.

Why can't I post a bunch of photos at a time?

What part of ONE Photo Club don't you understand?? Kidding...(only sort of).

The general rule is to post only one photo in each space you're a member of each day. That way, everyone's photos get a shot at being seen by others, and we avoid seeing photo after photo after photo from the same prolific members. To put it another way, this isn't the place for a photo dump from your last trip.

What if I can't post a photo every day?

Then don't post every day! While the point of the club is to post travel photos, this shouldn't feel like dreaded homework. Don't only be a lurker, but if you don't have a post for the day, you can just browse, cheer, and comment the other photos.

Why are there multiple photo spaces?

The various photo spaces provide an opportunity to post more than one photo a day. So only one photo at a time, but you can post a different photo in multiple spaces each day (related to each space's own theme, of course).

Some of the spaces also allow you to follow a particular topic you might especially enjoy, like wildlife, more closely. And others, like On This Day, help provide a bit of a prompt for finding which photos to post.

New users are automatically added to the One Photo, On This Day, and Weekly Theme photo spaces (plus some site-wide areas, like Feedback and Announcements). You can add yourself to any of the others, or remove yourself from photo feeds if you'd prefer. Check each photo space's welcome message for details on how each one works. 

My Global Feed aggregates posts from all the spaces you're a part of, so you don't have to navigate between them to get caught up. You can sort by Date Created to see the latest posts, or by Last Activity to show posts that have recent comments or edits.

Can I repost the same photos I'm posting to other social media apps?

Well...in the unlikely event that you’ve already been using other social media apps as your own personal One Photo Club already, then yes! You've beat me to the idea. (Great idea btw).

Our purpose here is different enough from other social media apps that you generally won’t be reposting the same stuff. It's less about promoting your most recent trip, and more about reflecting on previous trips you've taken. So it's probably best to treat the club as its own distinct and separate thing—and not just yet another platform for distributing "content."

I'm not a good photographer. Should I still post my photos?

Of course! This isn't a community just for professional photographers, though they're welcome here, too. One Photo Club is for sharing your travel photos, both as a way to offer inspiration for others, and as a regular practice for remembering the trips you've taken.

What if my travel destinations aren't especially epic?

Post them anyway! There's no requirement or expectation that every trip is to the most iconic and/or epic of destinations. This club isn't about the most amazing adventures possible, nor is it a competition. It's simply about reflecting on the travels we've taken and sharing those photos with our fellow traveling friends. Every destination is a worthwhile one if you enjoy the trip, or learn something about yourself, or have an experience you appreciate (sometimes only after enough time has passed).

What if I don't travel as often as others?

That's ok! Travel is not a competition, and nor is this club. The mission here is to help others have more travel adventures in their life, and to make those adventures as personally rewarding as possible. Some members have the opportunity to travel more than others, and that's ok. Post about the travel you've done, and—like all of us—enjoy everyone's photos and use it as further inspiration.

Why isn't there a dedicated space for [blank] topic?

I dunno, should there be? Leave the suggestion and we'll see if it's a good fit.

Why is it invite-only?

For two main reasons. First, it's an easy way to keep the riff raff out—the bots, the spammers, the shitposters. I don't want to turn moderating this community into a full-time job, I'd rather spend my time traveling!

And second, I think it's a healthier way for a community like this to grow—slowly and organically. Current users only invite friends they think are a good fit. And when you're invited by a friend, you already have a connection with someone in the community, and there's often a bit more care taken in how you show up in that community.

Every member can invite new members to join—and are very much encouraged to do so! We want all your favorite travel friends to join us in here. You'll even earn otherwise useless badges for inviting others. To invite a friend, click your profile photo, then select personal settings, then select invite.

That said, I'll likely occasionally review "requests to join" and let some non-invited people in, too. We'll see how things go.

How does the site make money?

It doesn't. It's not intended to be a business venture that generates a profit. Instead, it's a community service, part of our goal to inspire people to travel more and have better adventures. We pay for it from our own personal budget that we've set aside for this goal. We're basically the opposite of a startup looking to get bought out by a tech giant.

Why can't I promote my [blank] here?

Simply put, it's not the right place for promoting your thing. All the other major social media networks were literally designed as advertising vehicles, so you have plenty of options elsewhere. This site is designed to NOT BE that. Instead, it's a social community for travelers, not a place that members see as an advertising opportunity. That's also why you'll find people, not brands here—names and photos, not companies and logos.

Why no politics? I want to talk about an important issue. Don't you support free speech???

Political discussion is important in a democracy, but this isn't the appropriate place for it. Why? Because those conversations nearly always devolve into angry feelings (even when we all agree with each other), and that's not what we're building here. This is a no-angry-feelings zone. Just travel photos, remember?

How are you going to compete against Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and/or TikTok?

Oh, we're not trying to compete at all. This is a simple social community aimed at posting travel photos, one photo at a time. It is intentionally limited in both scope and scale. You won't be able to scroll endlessly and never reach "the end." You won't get angry at some rando's awful comment and spend the rest of the night shitposting. You won't get forced into making reels to increase engagement, nor will you have to use annoying growth tactics to get seen. There is no profit motive here that influences how we operate, or how our club members participate. We're a totally different thing. We embrace and celebrate that difference. We also won't look down on you if you continue to post photos on the other sites.

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